Trove Tuesday – Education on Trove

Education in Advertising In yesterday's post on this blog there were frequent references to the Brooks's Reader series in Bob Colefax's autobiography. A quick search of TROVE brought to light the following advertisement of thee Brooks's texts of the time. Although the advertisement is from 1905 and Bob Colefax didn't start school until 1910 the [...]

Education Week

Education Week has been showcasing  the achievements of our inspirational teachers, staff, students, Parents & Citizens Associations and community members in New South Wales for many years. 'Celebrating our stories', the theme of  2013 Education Week, provides a great opportunity for our Society to celebrate achievements in this field by sharing some of the wonderful [...]

The original Southeast HARVESTS in Moruya

Everyone would be aware that today was SAGE's  South East Harvest festival in Moruya. This festival showcased the richness and diversity of locally grown produce. Moruya and the surrounding districts have long been associated with agriculture. An account of the very early days of European land use in the area can be found in William [...]

The Wallpapered Manse

It’s Grand Designs meets Country House Rescue when a historic Presbyterian manse on the New South Wales South Coast is researched and restored by leading conservation architect Peter Freeman. One of the great attractions of the Eurobodalla area is the wonderful built heritage that exists and is still being used today - heritage that includes [...]

Trove Tuesday – The Real Masterchefs

Does anyone else have their grandmother’s handwritten and much-loved recipes? And being 100% honest, does anyone use their old family recipes? To begin with, they’re usually in a old book in the back of a kitchen cupboard or in a box of old papers hidden away. In my case the handwriting is so faded that [...]

Trove Tuesday- Additions To Trove

In the latest issue of The Federation of Australian Historical Societies e-Bulletin (No. 112 - 25 June 2013) we have been notified of the latest additions to the Trove newspaper collection. The National Library of Australia has announced that issues of the following digitised newspapers to Trove, and further issues will become available shortly. New [...]