A moment in history – can you date this photograph?

Can anyone help us determine what is happening in this photo? Please add your comments about this image in the comments section of the post (below).

We have many undated photographs at our museum. They will be increasingly featured in posts on this blog called Captured Moments on this blog and on our Flickr account.

If you know the dates, the people in the featured photographs or any other interesting facts about the images please comment.

By using our collective wisdom the featured photograph will become a real part of history, possibly with a fascinating backstory.

3 Comments on “A moment in history – can you date this photograph?

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    Chris has started the ball rolling here. Are there any other thoughts/ Time? Location? It would be great to get as much information as possible. Please add any thoughts/ inspirations into a comment so that we can add to our pool of knowledge

  2. Looks like Vulcan St Moruya and clearly some national event.

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