Moruya and District AGM Report

The Annual General Meeting of the Moruya and District Historical Society took place on Wednesday, 13 August. As well as the election of committee members for the 2014-2015 year, three resolutions were discussed and voted upon.


A .Special Resolution (Proposed Brian Harris/ Seconded Christine Adams)

It is proposed that the term of office bearers and committee members of Moruya and District Historical Society be limited to 3 years IN The SAME ROLE, with an option for a further two in the case of the President and the Curator SHOULD IT BE DEEMED NECESSARY by the management committee

This resolution was not passed. While it received the majority of the vote, it did not receive 75% of the vote necessary to pass a special resolution.

B. Ordinary Resolution 1 (Proposed Wendy Simes/ Seconded Janene Love)

It is proposed to hold our general meetings every second month instead of every month. Meetings would be in February, April, June, August, October and December

This resolution was not passed.

C. Ordinary Resolution 2 (Proposed Brian Harris/ Seconded Christine Adams)

It is proposed that the all General and Annual General Meeting times of Moruya and District Historical Society be on a Saturday to allow more members who are working to attend.

This resolution was passed
Meetings will now be held on Saturdays. Initial meetings will be held at 2pm for a trial period.


President                            Michael Gold (2006 -)
Vice President                    Janene Love (2006 – )
Treasurer                            James Henningham(2014 – )
Secretary                             Huon Hassall (2014 – )
Public Officer                     Janene Love ( 2011 – )
Committeee member      Wendy Simes (2006 – )
Committee member         Christine Adams (2014 – )
Committee member         Brian Harris (2014 – )

Please note that the year in brackets indicate the beginning of tenure in the current role.

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