Museum wins IMAGinE 2021 award

We are proud to announce that the Museum has just received an IMAGinE award for its online exhibition “ILLUMINATED: The Art of Children’s Book Illustration”.

The annual IMAGinE awards are run by Museums and Galleries NSW and reward innovation and creativity in museums, galleries and cultural centres. ILLUMINATED received a Highly Commended award in the small museums category.

It is particularly pleasing to receive an award for our online exhibition ILLUMINATED. We have focused on building our online presence as a way of reaching new audiences, and extending the life of our wonderful exhibitions developed by the Collections Team. As a small museum, we usually have only 1 featured exhibition at a time in addition to our permanent displays, but online delivery can provide a lasting resource for all to enjoy.

The Museum will re-open on 15th December with an exciting new exhibition – watch this space for more details.

Highlights of ILLUMINATED

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