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4 Comments on “Contacts

  1. Hi, my ancestors to be exact were at COILA and COOPERS ISLAND NSW. They were WILLIAM KNOX and his wife Elizabeth nee CHAPMAN. Also Mrs Harriet MEPSTEAD nee HORTON formerly Mrs Job Neale COPPIN.
    I have a rough copy of George John KNOX their son near what looks to be a new bridge from North to South Moruya, the Moruya River on a horse. Would you like to see the copy ?
    Kind regards

    • We have the same ancestors. My great grandmother was their eldest daughter, Elizabeth. She married Thomas Howlin. My grandmother, also Elizabeth (2nd daughter) married Thomas Jones. My father was William Robert Jones. Contact me if you would like further information. Regards, Janet Frost.

  2. Hi Janet Frost,
    Lovely to hear from you. Yet another descendant of Captain William Knox and Elizabeth Chapman. I believe I have a photo of your Elizabeth Knox who married Thomas Howlin.
    Which way is best to send you a copy of it ???
    Have you an email address ?
    I descend from Elizabeth first born brother, George John Knox. I have a photo of him too. I also have a copy of Captain William Knox too with his bride Elizabeth nee Chapman.
    Love to hear from you soon, cousin
    Kind regards

  3. I would love to see a photo of my great grandmother, I have not see one to date. I have a copy of Capt.William and Elizabeth (wedding photo??) from Moruya Historical Society’s records. My email address is If you are interested I could let you know what I have been told about Elizabeth Knox Howlin and her estrangement from her parents and how my grandmother Elizabeth Howlin Jones and her sisters were sent to an orphanage.

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