Heroes of the Eurobodalla

Heroes of the Eurobodalla

100 yrs

Over 500 men and women, born in or with family connections to the Eurobodalla region, enlisted to serve in World War 1.

Many made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of Western Europe and the Middle East.

The Moruya & District Historical Society received a grant from the NSW Government – 100 Years of ANZAC program to create a web-based application highlighting the records of these veterans. Visitors to the site can scroll through a list of the veterans and see a summary of their service record from the AIF Project on the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) website. Visitors will also be directed to the full military record for each veteran on the National Archives of Australia (NAA) website. This site shows scanned copies of the veteran’s initial enlistment documents, medical record, service record overseas, casualty record, discharge papers and in some cases personal correspondence.

The National Archives website provides a very human touch to the contribution these brave young men and women made for their country.

The project is proudly supported by:

• Moruya RSL sub branch
• Eurobodalla Shire Council
• Moruya & District Historical Society

Veteran records were sourced from the public records of the:

• National Archives of Australia
• Australian Defence Force Academy – The AIF Project

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The Heroes



Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 5.07.56 pm
Embroidered postcard, 1917

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Our World War 1 Collection

Framed certificate
Certificate of Thanks issued by Eurobodalla Shire to returning soldiers

We are lucky to have a collection of World War 1 memorabilia in our museum. Most of these objects were owned by local soldiers.

They include:

  • medals awarded to Leopold de Saxe;
  • an  invitation written to Herbert Frederick Hutchings as part of a “Crossing the Equator” ceremony while he was travelling on the troopship ‘Pera” on his way to war in Eqypt and Palestine; and
  • a sock that was darned as part of therapy.
  • a Certificate of Thanks from Eurobodalla Shire awarded to Frederick Clarke

Please take this opportunity to browse through our online World War 1 Collection.