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  • Emmott House

    Emmott House

    Ongoing Exhibition: Museum Building In 1875 Abraham Emmott built a pair of semi-detached 2-story terrace homes at 85-87 Campbell St Moruya. Number 85 now houses the Moruya Museum, number 87 is a cafe. The homes used a standard North of England design, covered verandahs were added to keep out the hot Australian sun. The bricks […]

  • Remembrance Room

    Remembrance Room

    Ongoing Exhibition: Upper Level Features a fascinating array of war-time objects from small personal items – like a cake tin, a darned sock, a pocket knife and an Anzac memorial teatowel – to more obvious  military memorabilia such as uniforms, medals and a model of the Burrewarra Point WW2 radar station.  Each item has a […]

  • Stonemason’s Lathe

    Stonemason’s Lathe

    Ongoing Exhibit: Outdoor Display The Abernethy Stonemason’s Lathe is a rare surviving piece of Victorian-era machinery, possibly unique outside Europe. It now resides in a purpose-built shed next to the Moruya Museum. This is a story of a unique example of 19th century technology, and a community that fought to preserve it. The huge twin […]

  • Nuts & Bolts

    Nuts & Bolts

    Ongoing Exhibition: Rotary Room Features everyday tools and technologies dating from around the mid 1800s to 1960. The objects are drawn from a period of great technological advancement, when society and households were transformed. Some are clearly recognisable today though perhaps in different forms – telephones, typewriters. Others – like milk churns and old lamps […]