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  • In Praise of the Humble Home Movie

    In Praise of the Humble Home Movie

    From our Conservation Team Home movies present a personal expression on the events of life, not a corporate vision. They present stories without the purposeful narrative that taints feature films and documentaries. Almost without exception every home movie is unique. A single tangible record of an unrepeatable moment of everyday life that would otherwise dim […]

  • The Rectory & The Postmaster’s House – New Releases from MDHS

    The Rectory & The Postmaster’s House – New Releases from MDHS

    Two new publications from Shirley Jurmann reveal the secrets of 2 very important buildings in the life of Moruya – the Postmaster’s House and the Rectory. Both are told in the first person by the house. All enquiries to The Postmaster’s House This booklet starts by covering the postal services in Moruya from their […]

  • Char-a-banc Tour Comes to Town!

    Char-a-banc Tour Comes to Town!

    In October 1922 a charabanc tour came to Moruya from Melbourne en route to Sydney with a cameraman on board: A BIG party of tourists from Melbourne passed through Moruya on Tuesday. There were 35 in all, and they are travelling in two big char-a-bancs. They left Melbourne last Monday week, and are proceeding by […]

  • Attack on the Dureenbee, 80 years on

    Attack on the Dureenbee, 80 years on

    Extracted from War? What War? by Shirley JurmannPublished in the MDHS Journal, Sept 2020 On 3rd August the people of Moruya were awoken in the early hours of the morning by the sounds of gunfire at sea and flashes of light could be seen from higher points in the town. The gunfire was coming from […]

  • Motor Gymkhana at Harry’s Farm

    Motor Gymkhana at Harry’s Farm

    Extracted from The Story of Harry’s House By Shirley Jurmann There was a house on the eastern side of the Princes highway, as you come along the Mullenderree Flats into Moruya from the north.  It was known in times past as “Oaklands” and has a long history starting in the 1860s when James Francis Lynch […]

  • The Story of Toragy Pt Cemetery

    The Story of Toragy Pt Cemetery

    by Shirley Jurmann Historic Toragy Point Cemetery at spectacular South Head Moruya provides a unique window to the past. Of the 20 recorded burials, only about a quarter of made it past 65 years of age – the rest were young children or the result of drowning or accidents. The first recorded burial is a […]

  • A Single Handed Voyage in a Small Craft

    A Single Handed Voyage in a Small Craft

    A “remarkable” maritime story from Moruya’s history A well known waterman based in Circular Quay, George Mulhall was hired with his skiff by a passenger bound for Moruya on the NSW south coast.  They travelled on the steamer Juno sailing to Port Phillip on 18 November 1848.  The purpose of hiring George and his skiff […]

  • Battling Big Floods in 1914

    Battling Big Floods in 1914

    Extracts from the Moruya Examiner and South Coast Advocate 28 March 1914 – The March flood of 1914 which visited this district during the early part of the week was exactly two feet lower at Mullenderree and on the flat land on this side of the river than the flood of 1898, just 16 years […]

  • Cased Photographs – Reflections on a Process

    Cased Photographs – Reflections on a Process

    From our Collection Team In the early days of photography from the 1840’s, having a portrait taken was a very special and expensive event. The resultant photographs were a unique object created in camera. To protect and show these portraits off to best advantage the photograph was presented in a beautiful small leather-bound case and […]

  • Memories of Moruya Show

    Memories of Moruya Show

    by Shirley Jurmann Yes, I’m talking about the MORUYA Show, not the Eurobodalla Show. The Agricultural and Pastoral Society was first formed in 1869. Soon the Show became an event eagerly looked forward to by children and adults alike. In 1890 an area on the river bank near where the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts […]