David Samuel Anderson

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  1. Sergeant David Anderson’s service details are:
    Service Number: 2560
    Rank: Sergeant
    Unit: 54th Australian Infantry Battalion
    Service: Australian Army
    Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918
    Date of death: 19 July 1916
    Place of death: Fromelles, France
    Cause of death: Killed in action
    Age at death: 24
    Place of association: Sydney, Australia ( Born at Bergalia)
    Cemetery or memorial details: Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery, Fromelles, Lille, Nord Pas de Calais, France
    Body located: 2014
    Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army

  2. A school book of David’s is in the Museum (upstairs), dated April 1900, showing his hand writing and arithmetic. David’s father, Joseph Clarke Anderson, died of Typhoid Fever at Lake View in 1896, leaving his wife Kissock with six young children to raise, and a property to manage. Subsequently Kissock moved to Sydney with the children and purchased and managed a boarding house for ‘gentlemen studying for the ministry’ in Ultimo. ‘Lake View’ passed to other family members. David continued his education in Sydney, and became a manufacturing jeweller. He was also in the Scottish Rifles and a keen rugby player.

    David’s family got the news that David was ‘missing in action’ after the Battle of Fromelles, but always hoped he would somehow return home one day. It took 98 years before David’s body was finally identified from the mass grave dug by the Germans behind their lines. Putting the story together, it appears David was one of those who broke through the formidable German defences and temporarily captured German trenches for some hours, before being encircled and killed. That is why he was in the grave dug by the Germans and not identified until 2014.

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