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One of the aims of our use of social media is to bring the rich history of Moruya to as broad an audience as we can and to make our history as interactive as possible.

History is not only about knowing the names of our ancestors and early pioneers, or about looking at artefacts from previous eras. These activities  are important to the development of our knowledge, but real living history is created by the personal stories about people’s lives, places and artefacts.

By opening up our museum in this forum, along with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, we hope to be able to gather as many stories and as much information as possible to further enrich our collections; thereby making the ‘live’ visit a doubly rewarding experience.

We also aim to keep the broader Moruya community informed with our latest findings and current events in local history and genealogy.

Please feel welcome to add comments onto individual posts so information can be added to the museum’s already large collection of knowledge.

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