MORUYA and District Historical Society


One of the most striking exhibits in the Moruya Museum’s current exhibition Highlights of the Moruya Museum is this side saddle. Fran Hassall, one of our volunteers,  chose this striking  object to display and wrote the text, and the title, for the object’s label. The exhibition, featuring objects ranging from a  ball gown, an 1861 school exercise book, a sealskin handbag and a telegraphic sight to a flat iron,  will be open throughout… Read More

It’s August first which means every Australian horse just got a year older. So just how did this miraculous event come about that every horse in Australia has the same birthday; we all know they weren’t actually all born on the same day. And why the first of August in particular? Well, originally it only applied to race horses. The reason for having an official birth date for thoroughbreds like Phar Lap and trotters like Hondo Grattan is… Read More